Feb. 20th, 2011

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I'm in Hong Kong! One of the first things I did on the first day I spent wandering around was breathe in the delicious smell of Chinese food and get really hungry. Now I have changed my mind about that smell. It's everywhere. It's stuck in my hair, on my clothes, it gets into everything. But that's okay.

Here it's misty and grey. My parents have a flat overlooking damp green mountains and the sea. The sea is grey and the sky is grey, but different kinds of grey. The Chinese people seem dubious about me, but then I would be too. I try to talk Chinese to them but they either politely ignore me or else get the giggles and run away.

So far I have seen markets, grey beaches, mountains, Buddhas, temples, fluorescent shopping malls, monks with burning incense sticks, crowds and crowds of people, pigs' heads dripping into plastic buckets, tiny bumpy buses, bags of live tropical fish, dingy high-rise buildings with washing hanging from the windows, square churches, the sea, tiny green islands, people killing eels, fake D&G handbag sellers, neon signs in Cantonese, dogs wearing clothes, adverts everywhere, TVs everywhere, and a grumpy angry cat.

My parents' building not only has its own gym and pool, it has its own bowling alley and grand piano room (which I am totally going to bogart one of these days). It also has something called a Karaoke Room, which scares me. Apparently a lot of buildings in Hong Kong are like this.

There is no crime here and everyone is very well-behaved, with no jostling in the underground and everyone waiting politely in line. They are obsessed with not having germs on their hands, and wearing masks, but they're okay with trundling pigs' intestines along in the road and then eating them.

I haven't really gone to the skyscraper part yet (except going through it in the Random Tram of Mari's Exploring - the Chinese word for tram is "ding ding" by the way). I will see it soon though.

Hong Kong!!


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