Feb. 27th, 2011

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I have jetlag! I've been up since six this morning, which is normally the time I would be closing up at work. So my hours are completely reversed. Sadly, I am working tonight. I think it'll be okay, though. At least, it's going to have to be, I don't have any choice.

I am bored and doing a meme. Here it is. )

I am sitting around listening to Frances Faye and Molly Johnson and stuff. I think I should go to more concerts. Just because most of the people I like are dead is no excuse. There are plenty of alive people that I like as well. Remind me about this when I get my paycheck. I went handbag-shopping in Hong Kong and I think I'm poor at the moment. Still, at least that means I get nice handbags to take to the concerts.

I was thinking about, you know, relationships. Everyone I know, every single person, wants to find someone to truly love and get committed to, as long as it's the right person. They might not want to get married, but they want to have that soulmate thing, and be in a couple. I've asked around. Everyone else seems to want that. I don't. I really don't. I like being in love, but it only lasts about six months. After those six months, there is domesticity and contentment, which is boring to me.

I want to never belong to someone, but have fascinating lovers. Even when I'm old. Maybe the lovers will get more platonic, if I ever get to that beyond-sex twilight zone, but I don't ever want to be roped to someone's side, no matter how great that person is. I can't be the only one, can I?

I see a lot of debating, especially with gay people, about what happens when they get old. If they don't have kids, when they die all their stuff goes to distant relatives and gets sold off. I don't see the problem with that. You're dead. What difference does it make to you at that point?

I just want cats. And friends. And lovers. And, most of all, maids. And the rest is up to me. Is that so wrong?


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