May. 5th, 2011

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I have the lurgies. It's something where I cough a lot and wake up every morning with my eyes glued shut. Hay fever? I don't know. Anyway, it doesn't really matter, except that today I couldn't go to my friend's birthday picnic in the sunshine because I was too busy coughing.

There is no butter in my house. This is a major impediment to my cookery plans. I used up all the butter on Tuesday, making pans and pans of chocolate brownies to feed my staff and the staff of the bar across the road and the staff of the bar next to that one. I feel as though they should be fed, sometimes. But now I have no butter and no eggs, and how am I going to even feed myself?


Tomorrow, if I can walk more without coughing, I will go and buy butter and then feed them all again. I don't know why. It seems the right thing to do.

Yesterday I wore a ballgown and kissed about eight hundred people on the cheeks, mingling around at an opening party. I got so tired of kissing everyone after a while. Then girls started kissing me on the mouth instead, and then after a while there were girls kissing me in every corner of the bar and every time I escaped one, another one found me. I lost my black-lace-and-pearls hair flower in the confusion. I am a bad mingler. I snuck away and took the metro home, all decorated with pearls and satin and black lace and other people's lipstick.

It's funny, this life, how it wheels itself out and unfolds and everything keeps on coming. I don't think I could ever die, just in case I missed something.


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