Aug. 21st, 2012

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Sad! The Olympics are gone! I only really care about one event, but it's enough to give me the fever. My thing is the artistic gymnastics. When I was little, I was in intensive training. I started when I was two years old. You've seen the videos of the little Chinese kids being tortured? Well, we did that too. Exactly the same. The difference is that we did it because we loved it so much. I was a very bad gymnast, despite all the training. I am not naturally bendy or bouncy, and I kept, y'know, growing and stuff. It didn't make any difference. I was still at the gym four hours a day, six days a week. My sister did it too and when we weren't at the gym, we were practising our tumble runs across the front lawn (we wore a diagonal strip of it completely bald, but my parents weren't gardening freaks and didn't care), or finding straight lines to approximate our beam routines.

Then somehow I was 5'10" and even the easiest things weren't possible any more, so I stopped, and now have only the ability to jump into splits and perform joyful cartwheels when drunk. Still, that's the way it goes, and being 5'10" has its advantages, after all. For example, not being at armpit level when squashed into the m├ętro. And being able to wear ridiculously high heels and glittery eyeshadow and passing for a drag queen, which is a personal hobby of mine, even if it's slightly weird.

Anyway! Aside from watching the Olympics and doing handstands against my bathroom door, nothing much has been happening. I feel as though I skipped the summer. All I did was work and work and work at nighttime in a bar with no windows. The sun and I have not seen each other yet. I still drink ridiculous amounts of alcohol, but I don't really get drunk any more. I don't know if this is a good thing or not - either it means that I am very aware of my body's limits and don't push it too far, or else it means that I'm such an alcoholic that it's stopped working.

It's bad, though. Alcohol makes you heavy. Your mind is sort of dark and dull and you wake up listless and unenthusiastic about anything, and when that happens every day, it gets kind of repetitive, you know what I mean? And then you're too tired to do anything on your days off and end up watching German soap operas on YouTube at 5am (or maybe that's just me).

Oh well. I learned how to say "ich habe Liebeskummer" or something, and to narrow my eyes and go "DU!" when opening the door to my nemesis. My time has not been wasted.


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