Aug. 1st, 2013

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I am such a terrible blogger. The thing is that I don't really do anything I can blog about. All I do is work a lot, which is very interesting to me but not-so-much-so to everyone else, and have strange escapades, about which I should not really tell the internet. So here are some interesting things that have happened to me lately:

* I went and worked for a week in the juggling-fire bar in the south of France and it was fun, and I went swimming in the sea with one of the barmen at 7am in the freezing cold dawn and then we went on bicycles to buy cigarettes and he wanted to be a stuntman and we both fell off and then we drank Get 27 to warm up and ate nutella crepes and fell asleep. And then the next day everyone thought that we had sex, because everyone is prosaic and doesn't know that actually we had way more fun than that.

* When I got sick my hair fell out a lot, and then when it was growing back it got to looking so weird that one day when I was hungover I chopped it all off with a nail scissors without even looking in the mirror, and felt a lot better. Then I went and looked in the mirror and made it into a vaguely straight line, and there you are. I think hair is silly anyway. I mean. Stuff that grows out of your head, and you're like "let's make it all fancy!".

* Mr Stupid affectionately called me "my rusty little plough". I am still trying to figure it out. Is this a sexual reference? What does it mean? I will ask him next week but first it is fun to puzzle over. Nobody else seems to know either.


There must be other things but I can't think of them. I just spend hours on YouTube watching Conversations With My 2-Year-Old and then fall asleep. MY LIFE=INTOXICATING.


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