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Paris is a crazy place. The other night we started off in a tiny theatre for street artists, where Italians were playing the kind of tzigane music that grabs you by the guts and won't let you go. They shouted "MARIAAAA!!" at me and started dedicating all their songs to us, to the annoyance of everyone else in the theatre. After that we wandered through the night, talking and looking at church spires lit up the colour of clouds, and found ourselves in a huge squat full of fairy lights and rosemary and paintings all over the walls, with people making couscous. Ran into a back room and lay on a sofa watching three guys playing jazz together, drums, double bass and piano, in this epic improvisation that they couldn't stop.

Left the squat, found a bar that was someone's living room opened up, with old prostitutes sitting around on the sofa smoking joints and a little Palestinian man selling us cans of Coca Cola out of his fridge. Wandered more. Ended up eating paninis at Chatelet at 1am. All that in the wonderful company of an absolutely heart-breakingly beautiful girl. Told her, "I said I'd buy you dinner, didn't I?" Kissed her goodnight like a gentleman and put her in a taxi, and ended up sitting in a jazz bar until 6am talking with a couple of friends in a passionate kind of way.

I don't take advantage of this as much as I could. I should do it so much more. That was Wednesday.

On Tuesday me and my friend tried to take romantic pictures at 3am.


Ah, it's a funny kind of life, and I wouldn't switch with anyone.


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