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If you know me, one of the things you know is that I am a workaholic. I don't really know why, it just does something for me, y'know? I love to work. Love love love it. On my days off, I either sneakily go to work and work on the DL, or else see if I can work an extra somewhere else.

Anyway, I've been doing a lot of that, and turns out it's not so good for your health. I kept getting sick, which happens anyway, but it turned into recurring bronchitises and then recurring cystitises (v. annoying) and recurring fainting spells and ended up with me in the hospital on a drip in the middle of the night, frantically calling work to tell them that I'd be back the second I was unplugged. Except I didn't get unplugged for five more hours and couldn't go back and spent the next few days fuming about it.

So. I made a decision and called my boss the next day and said that I might be getting sick because of working too many nights. He was very nice about it and made me an appointment to go and see the work doctor.

(Oh, and I called my boyfriend for advice. You know, my boyfriend. He was just like me in that he was a workaholic night person for years and years, but in September he gave it all up to start a new daytime career as a transporter [I don't know either] and is apparently now happy. Here was our conversation:

Me: Sorry to be phoning you, I just have a little problem and I wanted to talk to you about it.
Mr Stupidhead: That's okay, what's wrong?
Me: I'm pregnant.
Mr Stupidhead: ...Really? Really? And it's mine? Oh my GOD!! That's amazing! Are you going to come and live down here?
Me: ...I'm not really pregnant. I have a problem with work. WHY ARE YOU HAPPY WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU?

So there you are: I tried to scare him, but he scared me a lot more. Nice work, Mr Stupidhead. After that we just got back to the usual business of insulting each other.)

But it turned out that I didn't even get to choose anything. I went to see the work doctor and got declared inapte, which means that depending on the timescale of the inapte-ness, I cannot work nights for somewhere between six months and infinity. (We're still working on the timescale. I am visiting the hospital so often that the nurses now treat me the same way I treat the bar regulars.) So no more bar.

At the moment, I'm actually getting paid to stay at home. Which for most people is a lifetime dream (my best friend is very jealous and sure that she must be inapte as well), but for me is just boring. Then when they finally let me go back to work, I won't be allowed to work nights, so I'm probably going to get put on stock. YAY I GET TO COUNT BOTTLES ON MY OWN ALL DAY!!

But at least I won't get sick all the time, and will be able to have some sort of social life outside of work. This scares me, by the way. I've gone years without having a social life! I'm basically a sociopath, whyever would I want to try something that's completely against my nature?

The work doctor, having run me through a lot of tests, told me off about having weakened my body and immune system. He was all, "You're going to keep catching every virus that comes past, and the next time it might be pneumonia, and if it's pneumonia, you're gonna DIEEEEEE". I love thinking about my own mortality and stuff.

So I think I should be a lesson to everyone. Don't be working too hard. Do not work 65+ hours a week just because it is fun. If it is fun, you will not be allowed to do it any more because of killing yourself from doing it all the time. WATCH AND LEARN, PEOPLE.
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